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Our Story

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"Our organisation was envisaged during the post-graduation years of our founder, Mr. Praveen Kumar when he visited the district prison of Kalyan, Maharashtra as a part of his field visit while pursuing his MA in Social Work, Criminology and Justice from TISS, Mumbai.

He conducted a preliminary research and comprehended the importance of working within Criminal Justice Systems in his home State of Bihar. He was awarded a Criminal Justice Fellowship, TISS when he shared his idea with his mentor Prof. Vijay Raghavan.

He initiated the work in 2016 and consequently received permission from the Chief Justice of Patna High Court Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari, to work inside the prison. Further, he collaborated with our co-founder Mr. Shubhendu Shekhar and Mr. Santosh Kumar to commence the organisation 'LAW Foundation".

What We Do

  • Socio-Legal Aid: To provide free socio-legal aid services to the custodial population. 

  • Child Protection: to promote and support the optimal education, development and social wellbeing of children in the socio-legal arena.

  • Livelihood and Skill Development: To promote livelihood, skill development and entrepreneurship among the custodial population, vulnerable communities, sexually exploited and destitute population moving them from subsistence to sustainable levels.

  • Health and Sanitation: to make consistent efforts to facilitate quality healthcare services for marginalized communities' wellbeing, sanitation, and social determinants.

  • Advocacy and Governance: To collaborate with key stakeholders and government institutions, enabling effective implementation of policies and programs.

  • Research and Impact: To ameliorate community social wellbeing by promoting local research and implementing evidence-based public development programs that respect and leverage community resources.

  • Training and Workshops: To organize awareness programs, vocational training, legal boot campaign and assistance camps at the grass-roots level.

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At LAW Foundation, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing legal issue.We provide free socio legal aid services to the marginalised and vulnerable under-trial prisoners.


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